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Why Get Trex RainEscape? What it can do for a Homeowner.

In a previous blog post titled “What is Trex RainEscape?” went over what the product is and how it works. Now the question is “Why Get Trex RainEscape?” well to put it simply it depends on what the homeowner feels is necessary. However, the benefits that come with Trex RainEscape make it a product that may change the why into when.

Trex RainEscape keeps space under the deck dry, this helps with making sure nothing gets any water damage. This also helps with making for a space that can be used as another place to entertain friends or family. For example, if a deck is high enough to create a space beneath or above a walk out basement. This space can make for some creative ideas that can be endless for what someone can do.

Creating a place that is void from any rain or even snow landing on the space below. Homeowners can get creative for example, outdoor kitchen, simple table chair set up, or even a hot tub. In addition, Trex has Soffit Lights these are perfect to have lighting in the space under the deck. These lights are easy to install, Trex provides videos and other guides to make this process as simple as possible. With all of this in mind Trex drainage system is perfect in helping create an empty space into something great.

This is a picture from Trex inspiration category on the Trex RainEscape page. It's a house with the system installed as well as their soffit.
This is a picture from Trex inspiration category on the Trex RainEscape page. It shows that with the drainage system installed you can create a storage space safe from any water.
This is a picture of Tre Soffit system that is generally paired with Trex RainEscape to provide lighting in the space underneath the deck.

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