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What is Trex RainEscape? How does it work?

Updated: Mar 29

Trex RainEscape is a drainage system for your deck. The system sits over the joists creating a trough that sends water into the downspout, which then funnels the water into the gutters. Trex RainEscape is made with rugged plastic and ultraviolet inhibitors, providing durability to withstand any extreme weather. Not only is it durable but also easy to install, needing only scissors or utility knife, staple gun, and a caulking gun. Instillation of this drainage system takes about one or two hours for the most part.

With proper installation freezing temperatures or snow won’t affect the drainage system. Water or snow will simply run through the trough and drain out through the downspout. Most debris will lay on the deck boards and won’t fall through the small openings in between each deck board. However, small pieces of debris will fall into the system. No need to worry as a simple washing of the deck or hard rain will flush out any debris. Finally, Trex RainEscape comes with a 20-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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