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What Are Trex’s Railing Options? What are their differences?

Trex has three lines high of high quality railing that range from very customizable to simple and straight forward. Signature is their most customizable railing system and comes with a variety of colors, sizes and infill options. The Transcend rail line also comes in a variety of colors and lengths but unlike signature, the infill options are more limited. Lastly, the Select rail line is Trex’s most affordable line and comes with the most limited options in the form of white rail and charcoal black round balusters.

1. Signature Rail

Trex Signature rail is Trex’s most customizable rail system. It is an aluminum rail system that comes in 2 heights and 2 lengths with 4 options for infills. Signature Rail can be infilled with aluminum balusters, mesh railing, rod rail and a glass panel.

Aluminum BalustersMesh RailingRod RailGlass PanelColors: 1. Charcoal Black 2. Bronze 3. Classic WhiteColors: 1. Charcoal Black 2. Bronze 3. Stainless SteelColors: 1. Black/platinum 2. Bronze/platinum 3. Black/blackColors: 1. Black/glass infill 2. White/glass infill-6’ x 36” (Horizontal or Stair) -8’ x 36” (Horizontal or Stair) -6’ x 42” (Horizontal or Stair) -8’ x 42” (Horizontal or Stair)Horizontal:-64”x32-38”-88”x32 3/8”-88”x38 3/8”Stair:-108-3/16” x 36 – 3/16”6’ x 36 (Horizontal or Stair) 8’ x 36” (Horizontal or Stair) 6’ x 42” (Horizontal or Stair) 8’ x 42” (Horizontal or Stair)6’ x 36” – Horizontal only

2. Trex Transcend Rail

With a plethora of color matching options and lengths, Trex Transcend is a very customizable railing system that can be meet your needs. It is made of a very sturdy composite material which means it will never warp or peel and it want need painting or staining, just set it and forget it.

Buying Transcend can be broken down into wither a simple 5 step or 3 step process if you choose a rail & baluster kit.

“A la Carte”Rail Kit option1.Post sleeve1. Composite or Aluminum baluster2.Post sleeve cap2b. Post sleeve skirt3.6 or 8 feet4. Top Rail3b. Bottom Rail3. stair or horizontal5. Balusters6.Accessory Infill Kit

3. Select Rail

Trex Select rail system is Trex’s most affordable railing line and is a great DIYer. It is a simple process as it combines white composite railing with round aluminum balusters in charcoal black in a one box kit option. The kit comes with the top and bottom rails and balusters along with the necessary hardware.

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