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Benefits of Trex Outdoor Lighting

Updated: Mar 29

With summer being around the corner, means more time spent outside enjoying the nice weather. Makes for perfect nights for a bon fire on the deck or even just sitting around a table enjoying company. Although sometimes when nightfall comes people will go inside the house where the lights are on. Adding Trex Outdoor Lighting is a great way to keep the party or the conversations on the deck going. This helps add to the value and use of the deck by creating a space in which you can take the party to or retreat too at night.

Trex outdoor lighting comes with many options for different parts of the that you can add lighting too. With a variety of lighting, it makes it perfect for any homeowner to customize their deck and really make it their own. In addition, Trex provides installation instructions and videos to help any DIYer add lighting to their deck. With the quality of Trex products these lights will last for a long time. They offer multiple deck lighting profiles such as composite post cap light, deck rail light, stair riser light, recessed deck light, wedge deck rail light, and aluminum post cap light.

With all of this in mind, Trex outdoor lighting is a great way to liven up your deck and backyard. Helps add more to the deck by making it a space you can enjoy more often on those nice summer evenings. Perfect for entertaining guests and really utilizing the outdoor space even more than before. The benefits to adding outdoor lighting to your deck are truly endless and help add more versatility to the deck.

Lighting Options

Composite Post Cap Light: lights are under the cap; the warm lighting makes it easy to navigate around the deck.

Deck Rail Light: They’re indirect lights that can install directly on the rail post, helping illuminate the deck below.

Stair Riser Light: These lights install into the step risers; these durable lights illuminate each step.

Recessed Deck Light: These subtle lights that are put flush into the deck boards and they help light the way.

Wedge Deck Rail Light: These are sleek lights that can be put on 2.5-inch aluminum posts they can also be installed on composite sleeves too.

Aluminum Post Cap Light: Illuminates in all directions these post cap lights work seamlessly with Trex Signature 2.5-inch aluminum posts.

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