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Why Get a Trex Pergola over a Cedar Pergola

Updated: Mar 29

Let’s start with what is a Pergola. A pergola is an open and grid design that offer in more sunlight than a gazebo. They’re great for creating a nice outdoor space and now are becoming more customizable. Generally, pergolas are made from cedar wood; opposed to Trex which makes there pergola’s out of aluminum or aluminum reinforced PVC. Using these materials makes them lighter and longer lasting. Not to mention Trex offers a variety of options to tailor the pergola to the homeowner.

Trex Pergolas have a variety of standard models that anyone can get that best suit for their outdoor needs. Each model has a unique feature that adds to both the pergola itself as well as the outdoor space. Features range from a fabric canopy system, mounting a wall over a doorway, window, or even a garage door. There are custom pergola kits that homeowners can get match their size and design. Finally, every Trex covers their pergolas with a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty or a 10-Year Limited Commercial Warranty.

In addition, aluminum or PVC structure these pergolas won’t rot, warp, or split and is 100% termite-proof. While Cedar Pergolas run the risk of these things happening to them over time. Trex Pergolas are a great long-term investment with low maintenance which makes for peace of mind when looking for one. This will add more value to a home and create another outdoor space whether it be in the backyard, patio, or on a deck.

Trex Pergola Model Options

  1. Trex Pergola: An aluminum reinforced cellular vinyl that is a low maintenance modern take on a classic pergola design.

  2. Pergola + ShadeTree Canopy: Takes the classic pergola and adds a manual retractable fabric canopy system for maximum shade coverage.

  3. Wall Pergola: Beautiful pergola that is perfect for mounting to a wall or over a doorway, window, or garage door.

  4. Air: This minimalist shade structure offering retractable shade and rain protection.

  5. Balance: Offers a nice modern style that also includes a retractable shade canopy.

  6. Vision: Fully customizable pergola kit that a homeowner can design to fit their outdoor living space.

  7. Element: First all-aluminum structure with a sleek, modern design that has wide overhead stringers to maximize cooling shade.

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