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Warner's Decking - Clarendon Hills Original Deck Builder

At Warner's Decking, Inc., we offer professional deck-building services in Clarendon Hills. Our experienced builders can design high-quality decks using various materials, including composite decking. We take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. Elevate your Clarendon Hills backyard to the next level—with a beautifully designed deck that seamlessly blends with your outdoor living space. At Warner's Decking, our expert contractors bring you an innovative deck-building approach, transforming mundane backyards into captivating outdoor retreats. Harness the potential of top-tier construction and design expertise to create the perfect backdrop for summer barbecues, winter hot cocoa sips, or quiet evenings under the stars.
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Certified TrexPro®Deck Installers

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Over 35 Years of Excellence

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Industry Leading Warranties

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Clarendon Hills Deck Builders

Deck Building in Clarendon Hills

Clarendon Hills, known for its charming neighborhoods and beautiful landscapes, is an excellent location to consider building a deck. With its serene environment and close-knit community, having an outdoor living space can enhance your quality of life and make your home the neighborhood's envy. Whether you envision a tranquil retreat for relaxation or a vibrant gathering place for entertaining friends and family, deck building in Clarendon Hills, IL, opens up a world of possibilities. From enjoying summer barbecues to starlit evenings, your outdoor oasis can provide endless enjoyment throughout the seasons. A well-built deck can be an excellent addition to any home, but choosing the right deck builder is critical if you want the job done correctly. There are many deck companies in the Clarendon Hills, IL, area, and it can be difficult to decide which one to use to get the best value. You want a company with years of experience that only uses reputable brands and takes pride in their work. Warner's Decking, Inc. is an excellent choice for your new deck construction project. We can make your ideas a reality. Since 1988, we have been a family-owned and operated decking company, providing unparalleled dedication with a 100% workmanship warranty trusted by the Clarendon area. We offer various Trex Decking Company options, including Transcend Lineage, Transcend, Select, and Enhance, so you can design the ideal deck for your Clarendon Hills home. Warner's Decking, Inc., the leading deck-building company in Clarendon Hills, IL, has been an ambassador of the NADRA association and is committed to creating an incredible outdoor oasis that is not only beautiful but also 100% safe. We have not only been a TrexPro Platinum Contractor and Stellar Service Award Winner for several years.

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Deck Building in Clarendon Hills
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Clarendon Hills Deck Builders 35 years

TrexPro®Platinum Deck Builders of Clarendon Hills, IL

Our Deck Building Services

New Deck
New Deck
Our team of professional deck installers specializes in building brand-new decks that blend in with the aesthetic of your home. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand and realize your vision, ensuring that your new deck is more than just an addition but a natural extension of your home.
Apart from decks, our expertise also includes porch construction. This could include front or back porch design and installation, creating inviting, comfortable, and functional home entryways.
Pool Deck
Pool Deck
Our construction team may offer specialized pool deck design and construction services for homeowners with pools. These decks complement the pool area while prioritizing safety, durability, and aesthetics.
Adding a pergola to an outdoor space can enhance its charm and functionality. Our contractors could provide custom-designed pergolas, offering shade and architectural interest to the outdoor environment.
Screened Porch
Screened Porch
Warner's Decking might offer screened porch installation for homeowners seeking protection from insects and the elements. These spaces combine the benefits of a porch with added comfort and pest control.
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
Warner's Decking might extend its services to include the construction of outdoor kitchens, enabling homeowners to create fully functional cooking and entertainment spaces in their outdoor areas.

Warner's Decking Clarendon Hills

Why Choose Warner's Decking: The Top Selection for Deck Building in Clarendon Hills

Accessible Decking Solutions
Warner's Decking provides various decking brands sourced from top manufacturers, catering to various budget constraints. Collaborating closely with you, our team strives to discover the ideal decking solution that aligns with your requirements and financial considerations. For an accurate estimate on a new composite deck, contact us.
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Expert Deck Design
As certified TrexPro Platinum Contractors, we excel in delivering exceptional deck designs utilizing Trex® decking and railings, renowned for their natural beauty and durability. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each custom-built deck seamlessly integrates as a perfect complement to your residence.
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50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty
Through our longstanding partnership with Trex Company, we extend a comprehensive 10-year Labor warranty and a 25-year warranty against fade and stain on the decks we construct. This represents peace of mind and a guarantee of quality for your satisfaction.
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Tailored Deck Constructions
Recognizing the uniqueness of every home, we offer an array of construction and customization choices. Whether you have a clear vision or require guidance, our proficient team is dedicated to designing the ideal deck or patio tailored to your Clarendon Hills home.
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Dedication to Customer Satisfaction
Our devoted team, including a complete office staff, ensures seamless communication and consistent updates during your project. Prioritizing customer contentment, we tirelessly ensure that each client is thrilled with our service.
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Trex Multi-Year Award Recipient
With an impressive 35-year track record of exceptional service and zero BBB complaints, Warner’s Decking consistently garners recognition for outstanding customer service. This is exemplified by multiple years of receiving the prestigious "Stigler" Award in the United States from Trex.

High-Quality Decking Materials by Warner's Decking

Warner's Decking is a testament to exceptional craft skills and unwavering commitment to quality. At the heart of our renowned reputation lies a steadfast dedication to employing only the finest decking materials. Recognizing the pivotal role that materials play in the longevity and performance of outdoor spaces, our construction installation team meticulously selects premium-grade wood, top-tier composite decking, or other robust materials for their projects. By prioritizing durability, we ensure that our installations withstand the tests of time, weather, and wear, promising clients decks that will endure for years. Aesthetics, too, hold a place of paramount importance in our company's philosophy. We choose materials that offer structural resilience and retain their stunning visual appeal over the long term. The look and result are decks that exude timeless beauty, enhancing the outdoor landscape while beckoning residents and guests to relish their inviting charm. Moreover, these high-quality materials are selected with consideration for low maintenance while keeping their aesthetics, ensuring that clients can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the burden of frequent upkeep. Safety and stability are non-negotiable; our team of experts prioritizes materials contributing to the deck's structural integrity, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and secure space. In line with an ethos of environmental responsibility, our construction team may opt for sustainably sourced wood or eco-conscious composite materials. This choice aligns with our commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising the superior quality that defines our work. Above all, the utilization of high-quality materials is a testament to Warner's Decking's unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Backed by superior materials and skilled craft skills, we consistently deliver decks that exceed expectations, offering our valued clients outdoor living spaces and enduring havens of beauty and functionality.

Customization Deck Choices Elevating Home Worth

Investing in a personalized outdoor living area can yield substantial benefits when aiming to augment your home's value. At Warner's Decking, we present an extensive array of customization choices designed to furnish you with a distinctive and individualized outdoor space and amplify your property's overall value. Whether envisioning a spacious deck for entertaining guests or an intimate patio for cozy gatherings, our adept team can actualize your concepts. Envision transforming your backyard into a serene retreat with a tailor-made pergola, offering a shaded sanctuary on sun-soaked days. Or picture hosting unforgettable gatherings on an exquisite composite deck with integrated seating and a chic railing system. Leveraging our expertise and a keen eye for detail, we facilitate the creation of outdoor areas that seamlessly align with your lifestyle while elevating your home's allure and desirability. We ensure each project is customized to cater to our clientele's distinct preferences and requirements by furnishing various customization options encompassing deck shapes, dimensions, materials, and finishes. Whether you prefer the timeless sophistication of natural wood or the resilient, low-maintenance attributes of composite decking materials, our team possesses the expertise to steer you through the selection process. We firmly believe every homeowner deserves an outdoor haven that mirrors their taste while optimizing their property's value.

Understanding Landscape and Foundation Needs

A successful deck-building project in Clarendon Hills, or any other location, requires a deep understanding of landscape and foundation needs. These two aspects are essential to ensure that your outdoor living space looks visually appealing and stands the test of time. Let's start with the landscape. Every property has unique topography and natural features that must be carefully incorporated into the deck design. For instance, if your backyard has a steep slope, it's crucial to work with expert contractors who can design a deck that seamlessly integrates with the land's existing contours. This ensures stability and avoids potential drainage issues that could impact the longevity of your deck. Imagine a scenario where a homeowner overlooks the landscape's needs and builds a raised deck on unstable ground without considering proper leveling or drainage solutions. As a result, the deck starts to shift and crack due to shifting soil or water pooling underneath. Not only does this compromise the structure's safety, but it also devalues the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space. Now, let's shift our focus to foundation needs. Just as a strong foundation is critical for any building structure, it also holds for decks. The foundation provides support and stability, ensuring your deck remains structurally sound for years. Think of it like building a house - you wouldn't want it built on an unstable foundation, right? The same principle applies to your deck. Factors such as soil conditions, load-bearing capacity, and local building codes play a significant role in determining the type of foundation required for your deck. Expert contractors will conduct thorough soil tests to assess these conditions and recommend appropriate foundation options such as concrete footings or helical piles. Consider a situation where an inexperienced builder neglects proper foundation requirements and constructs a deck without conducting soil tests. Over time, the deck's weight, combined with unfavorable soil conditions, leads to sinking or shifting, causing significant damage to the deck and compromising its structural integrity. In conclusion, understanding the landscape and foundation needs is vital when embarking on a deck-building project in Clarendon Hills or any other area. By working with Warner's Decking, which prioritizes these factors, you can ensure that your outdoor living space not only enhances the beauty of your property but also provides a safe and durable environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Clarendon Hills Deck Builders

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Eco-Friendly Decking in Clarendon Hills, IL

In Clarendon Hills, IL, Warner's Decking is proud to offer eco-friendly decking solutions that cater to environmentally-conscious homeowners. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of composite and recycled materials in our decking options. These materials not only reduce deforestation but also promote recycling, making them an eco-conscious choice. Furthermore, our eco-friendly decks require minimal maintenance, ensuring long-lasting durability even in the face of varying weather conditions. By opting for these sustainable decking materials, residents of Clarendon Hills can create stunning outdoor spaces while contributing to a greener future. Embracing eco-friendly decking isn't just about aesthetics; it's a conscious step towards preserving our environment for generations to come. Make a sustainable choice with Warner's Decking and enjoy both the beauty and eco-friendliness of your outdoor oasis. In Clarendon Hills, IL, Warner's Decking offers eco-friendly decking solutions. We prioritize sustainability by using composite and recycled materials, reducing deforestation and promoting recycling. These materials provide durability and require minimal maintenance, ensuring longevity. By choosing eco-friendly decking, you not only create beautiful outdoor spaces but also contribute to a greener future. Make a sustainable choice with Warner's Decking, enhancing your property while preserving the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the typical expense of engaging a deck builder in Clarendon Hills?

The average cost of hiring a deck builder in Arlington Heights may fluctuate based on project size, materials utilized, and project intricacy. According to recent data, homeowners within the area typically anticipate expenditures ranging between $18,000 to $25,000 for standard deck construction featuring basic attributes. It's essential to note that this figure is an approximate estimation, and actual prices can diverge depending on individual preferences and project specifications. Generally, incorporating additional elements such as trim work or supplementary deck railing will necessitate a higher budget allocation.

Are there any specific design guidelines or restrictions for decks in Clarendon Hills?

Yes, there are specific design guidelines and restrictions for decks in Clarendon Hills. According to the Clarendon Hills Department of Building and Zoning, deck construction must comply with setback requirements, height limitations, and size limitations based on lot size. Additionally, decks must meet structural requirements for safety and durability. These guidelines help ensure that decks are built in a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and harmonious way with the surrounding environment.

What permits and regulations are required for deck building in Clarendon Hills?

To build a deck in Clarendon Hills, you must obtain a building permit from the village. The specific requirements and regulations may vary, but typically they cover aspects such as setback distances, structural requirements, and safety measures. It is important to adhere to these regulations to ensure the safety and compliance of your outdoor living space. According to recent statistics, the village of Clarendon Hills received an average of 50 deck building permit applications per year, indicating the popularity of deck construction in the area.

What materials are recommended for deck construction in this area?

In Clarendon Hills, the recommended materials for deck construction are pressure-treated wood, hardwoods like cedar or redwood, and composite decking. Pressure-treated wood is cost-effective and resistant to rot, insects, and decay. Hardwoods offer natural beauty and durability but may require more maintenance. Composite decking is a popular choice for its low maintenance and long lifespan. According to a study by Remodeling Magazine, a wood deck project has an average return on investment of 64.4% in the Chicago area, further affirming the suitability of these materials for deck construction in Clarendon Hills.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

deck Installation Company

Clarendon Hills Deck Builders

Deck Construction with Warner's Decking
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The process begins with an in-depth consultation. Our team listens to your ideas, preferences, and requirements during this initial meeting. We discuss your deck vision, including its purpose, style, and any specific features you want. This is important in understanding your expectations and laying the groundwork for the ideal deck design.
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Design Selection

Following our discussion, we proceed to the design and material selection stage. Here, you play an active role in choosing materials and finalizing the design. We offer various material options, encompassing various wood types and composite materials, and guide you in selecting the most suitable one that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, functional requirements, and budget. Our design team collaborates closely with you to create a blueprint encompassing all your envisioned deck elements.
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Our adept contractors commence the installation process once the design is established. We take pride in our professionalism and efficiency, striving to minimize disruptions to our daily routine. Our team diligently executes the project, upholding the highest quality and safety standards. We will keep you updated throughout this phase on our progress and any significant developments.
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Quality Assurance

The concluding step in our process involves a thorough inspection and our satisfaction guarantee. Upon completion of construction, we meticulously examine the deck itself and its structural elements to ensure they meet our rigorous standards and align with your property expectations. We will walk you through the finalized project to confirm your absolute satisfaction. Our commitment extends until you are entirely content with your newly constructed deck.
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Warner's Decking - Clarendon Hills Original Deck Builder

Warner's Decking & Remodeling is a Naperville, Plainfield, & Chicagoland based outdoor living company. Specializing in deck building since 1988, Warner's Decking is a certified Trex PlatinumPRO Contractor since 2001. Transforming homes in many areas. 


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