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Why Trex Railing Systems Are Worth the Cost Over Lumber Railings

Updated: Mar 29

Trex railing systems what are they? They come in three different levels select, transcend, and signature. Each railing system offer a unique design that makes them easier to install and last longer than lumber. There are also different accessories and customizability for each of these levels some more than others. Along with this there is also a price difference in each range too, however, the price for quality and personalization set it apart. In addition, the low maintenance without needing to paint or seal the lumber rails, saves both on time and money.

Trex Railing System Levels

Trex Select rail system is the least expensive on the three different lines of railing. Using a wood thermoplastic composite that uses PVC and acrylic to provide a long-lasting durable rail. These are post sleeves, so they do cover wood posts, this also protects them from any weather conditions. This level only comes in the color white with round aluminum balusters in charcoal black. However, this still allows for the addition of post cap lighting and a cocktail rail that are both perfect combinations for entertaining guests.

The middle of the line is Trex Transcend railing the composite material post sleeves slid over the wooden post. Acting as a protective barrier that will protect from any weather conditions that won’t rot, warp, peel, or splinter. They also come in six different colors and four different styles of balusters. Trex lighting is also available as an option as well as the cocktail rail. Maintaining an affordable price this Trex railing system is perfect for any homeowner it’s easy to install, low maintenance, tons of variety.

Lastly, Trex Signature railing is the most expensive being made from aluminum that is a powder coat that helps resist fading and corrosion. The posts on the signature rail aren’t sleeves so these can be installed onto the deck. This rail system comes in three different colors with a variety of panel inserts making this customizable. Along with this these railings can have Trex lighting is compatible same with the cocktail rail that is perfect for hosting. Trex signature railings are the most expensive from the three other levels, but it will last longer than lumber.

Final Thoughts

All three of these lines of Trex Railing systems are worth the cost over lumber railings. The price may be higher depending on the level and other accessories added to the railing system. It’s worth the low maintenance along with the longer lasting material that makes for a good long-term investment. With a variety of railings and options gives a homeowner more ability to add their own personal touch. All this in mind Trex Railing systems are a long-term investment that will stand the test of time and continue looking the way they did when first installed.

Trex Railing System Pictures

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