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For over 35 years, Warner’s Decking has been renowned as the #1 local pool deck contractor in Joliet, IL. With an extensive track record of stellar service, our decking company is recognized by numerous awards from leading decking brands and service providers. We are proud recipients of the prestigious Customer Service Award and The Stellar Service Award. In addition, we consistently rank in the top 25% of Trex deck builders, boasting an average rating of at least 4.5/5 stars. Contact us at (630) 420-1940 today to book a free consultation and to receive a free pool deck design.
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Why Choose Decking for Your Outdoor Pool in Joliet, IL?

Uneven surfaces, slippery tiles, proper drainage and bland aesthetics are just a few of the common issues that both commercial and residential properties in Joliet, IL face. Especially in climates with fluctuating weather patterns, these challenges not only affect the enjoyment of the pool area but also pose safety risks for both residents and guests. This is where outdoor pool decks come into the picture. Unlike traditional materials such as wood or concrete, composite decking is engineered from a blend of recycled wood fibers and plastic materials, resulting in a product that is highly resistant to moisture, fading, and staining. This inherent resistance to the elements makes composite decking exceptionally well-suited for use around pools, where exposure to water, sunlight, and chlorinated chemicals can take a toll on traditional materials over time. Moreover, composite decking does not require regular sealing, staining, and sanding to uphold both appearance and structural integrity. A simple periodic cleaning with soap and water is typically all that's needed to maintain composite decking's optimal appearance. This allows homeowners in Joliet to spend more time enjoying their pool and less time on maintenance tasks. Book a consultation with your deck experts to start building your property’s outdoor pool deck.

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35 Years of Service Joliet, IL

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Warner’s Decking Premium Pool Deck Solution

Pool Deck Installation
Pool Deck Installation
Warner’s Decking pool deck installation process adheres to industry standards as set forth by organizations such as ASTM International guidelines and the local Joliet, Illinois city office. we leverage specialized tools for decking-specific tasks such as hidden fastening systems to maintain a clean and polished appearance.
Pool Deck Replacement
Pool Deck Replacement
Our pool deck replacement process follows a standardized assessment of the existing pool deck's condition. This includes using advanced techniques such as visual inspection, moisture testing, and structural analysis to determine the need for replacement. We then use power saws, pry bars, and demolition hammers to disassemble and dispose of the existing materials before preparing the framing of the new pool deck.

Warner's Decking Joliet, IL

Our Comprehensive Pool Decking Installation Process

Initial Consultation
After filling out our online form, we promptly respond within 24-48 hours to schedule an initial consultation and site visit. Aside from the usual assessment of functional and aesthetic requirements, our deck experts look into details such as the size of the deck, solid condition, preferred materials, desired amenities, and any special considerations you may have. In addition, we discuss your budget parameters to ensure that our proposed solutions align with your financial expectations and goals for the project.
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Design and Planning
Once we have assessed the site, our team determines the ideal size and shape of your pool deck, considering landscaping elements and architectural style for a cohesive design. We may also consider integrating specific features like seating areas, lighting, and landscaping elements as desired. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D rendering technology, we provide comprehensive visualizations of the proposed pool deck. This allows you to review and approve the design before proceeding.
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Material Selection
Our team assists you in choosing the right type of Trex decking for your project. We will consider factors such as color options, texture, maintenance, warranty and performance characteristics. Warner’s Decking is an esteemed partner of Trex Decking and is recognized as a TrexPro® Platinum contractor. This means that we are certified to install various types of composite decking such as Trex Transcend, Trex Transcend Lineage, Trex Select, and Trex Enhance.
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Preparation and Site Setup
Prior to installation, we prepare the site by clearing away any existing structures or debris. We then excavate the site by digging to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 inches. Following this, we employ grading equipment, such as a laser level or a transit, to ensure precise leveling of the surface. We also use a plate compactor to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat and has a stable foundation.
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The installation process starts by laying down the framework and securing the decking materials according to the approved design plans. Utilizing professional-grade tools such as drills and fasteners, we secure the decking materials meticulously, ensuring precise alignment and structural integrity. Throughout the installation, we employ industry-leading techniques, such as hidden fastening systems, to achieve a seamless and polished finish.
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Finishing Touches
Upon completion, our team conducts a comprehensive inspection to assess the structural integrity and overall finish of the pool deck. The deck undergoes a rigorous assessment of the stability of the framework, the evenness of decking material placement, and the integrity of fastenings. Moreover, we evaluate any applied finishes for uniformity and durability. Any necessary adjustments are promptly made to ensure that the pool deck meets our and Trex’s stringent standards.

Water-Resistant Trex Pool Deck Materials

Trex deck is engineered with a protective polymer shell that provides exceptional resistance to moisture. This ensures that your deck remains intact for over 30 years even with limited maintenance in wet environments. Here are the Trex decking products that Warner’s Decking recommends: Trex Transcend Lineage offers a stunning aesthetic that resembles the rich look of tropical hardwoods with variegated deep woodgrain patterns. Its texture is finely embossed, providing a natural feel underfoot while enhancing slip resistance, making it perfect for pool decks. It also comes with 50-Year Limited Residential Warranty and a 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty for a lasting performance for your outdoor space. Trex Transcend decking features a high-definition wood grain pattern and rich, saturated colors that closely resemble the appearance of natural wood. Its texture is meticulously engineered with a wood-grain finish, providing an authentic feel while offering superior slip resistance. Backed by a 50-Year Limited Residential Warranty and a 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty, Trex Transcend is best suited for above-ground pool designs that aim to lean toward traditional, transitional, or contemporary styles. Trex Select offers a simplified wood grain pattern and a variety of classic colors, providing straightforward elegance at an affordable price point. Its texture features a subtle wood-grain pattern that enhances traction and provides a comfortable surface for bare feet. This is perfect for homeowners seeking to enhance their pool area without exceeding their budget and experience a 35-Year Limited Residential Warranty along with a 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty. Trex Enhance comes with a scalloped bottom and wood grain pattern. It's accessible for homeowners looking for a deck with enhanced slip resistance and comfort underfoot without the high cost. Trex Enhance decking is also backed 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty and a 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty.

Trex Bending For Circular Pools

Pools come in various shapes, including circular ones, which often pose challenges for conventional decking solutions. With Warner’s Decking’s Trex Bending solution, homeowners can now achieve a unique and stylish curved deck that seamlessly complements the contours of their circular pools. Trex's CustomCurve Heating & Bending Solution transforms traditional rectangular decking boards into curved decks. Thus, allowing clients to freely customize their deck around pool with no limits. Trex Bending utilizes a process called co-extrusion to create decking boards with unparalleled strength and flexibility. Trex boards are engineered with recycled wood fibers and tough polyethylene plastics which means that they can handle the high-pressure and heat during the co-extrusion process. These materials are seamlessly fused, resulting in durable and versatile deck boards that can be shaped into curves. Feel free to reach out to Warner's Decking today to learn more about how we can install a curved Trex composite decking for your circular outdoor pool.

Unique Above Ground Pool Deck Features in Joliet, IL

Incorporating additional features on a pool deck can elevate the overall functionality, aesthetics, and enjoyment of the outdoor space. Investing in these enhancements, homeowners can create an outdoor pool that aligns with their day-to-day activities. Here are some unique pool deck features to consider: Seating and Lounging Areas: Warner's Decking offer a variety of seating and lounging areas such as built-in benches, outdoor sofas, chaise lounges, and even custom-designed seating arrangements. In terms of size, the seating and lounging areas are customized to fit the available space and accommodate the anticipated usage. We consider factors such as the dimensions of the swimming pool deck, the surrounding landscape, and any additional features or amenities. Custom Lighting Solutions: LED strip lights, recessed deck lights, and overhead fixtures are also great additions for above ground pool decks. They are perfect not just to set the ambiance of your pool but also to enhance its safety during nighttime use. Deck Railings: Deck railings provide safety by acting as a barrier to prevent accidental falls into the pool or off the deck, particularly for elevated or raised platforms. At Warner's Decking, we offer a variety of Trex railing options, including Trex Transcend Railing, Trex Select Railing and Trex Signature Railing, to match your existing pool deck aesthetic. Warner's Decking recognizes the significance of these features in crafting luxurious above-ground pool decks for both commercial and residential properties in Joliet, IL. Whether it's unwinding poolside, hosting gatherings, or simply appreciating the outdoor ambiance, we ensure that every aspect of the pool deck is tailored to meet your everyday pool needs. You can check out our portfolio to see firsthand how we incorporate these features for above ground pool decks.

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Licensed, Bonded and Insured Deck Installation Services

At Warner's Decking, we pride ourselves on being licensed, bonded, and insured deck installation professionals. Our deck company has met all the necessary requirements and regulations set by the Illinois state and local authorities to operate legally as a deck installation service. This provides an extra layer of protection and assurance for our clients and property. In the unlikely event of any issues or damages arising during the deck installation process. Our insurance and bonding ensure that clients are financially compensated for any losses incurred. This 100% guarantees that clients are not held liable for any associated costs or liabilities. With Warner's Decking, rest assured that your deck construction project is in capable and reliable hands, backed by the necessary credentials and protections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a pool deck last?

A well-built and properly maintained pool deck can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years or more. However, the lifespan of a pool deck can vary depending on several factors, including the materials used, maintenance practices, climate conditions, and level of usage. For example, decks made Trex composite decking tend to have longer lifespans compared to wood decks that require frequent maintenance.

What is the minimum size for a pool deck?

There is no universal minimum size when building a deck for pools. However, as a general guideline, pool decks should be large enough to provide adequate space for l