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Experience the difference of partnering with a trusted leader in pool deck construction in Aurora, IL. With over 35 years of dedicated service, Warner’s Decking has been established and renowned as an industry leader. These decades of experience are back with thousands of successful pool deck projects that rival the sophistication of renowned hotels and resorts across Illinois. Whether you want a modern or rustic pool deck design, our certified and licensed pool deck builders are just a call away from providing you with a luxurious deck for your outdoor living space. Contact us now at (630) 320-2527 to get your complimentary pool deck design.
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Over 35 Years of Excellence

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Aurora Pool Deck Builders

Certified Pool Deck Contractor Since 2001 in Aurora, IL

Warner's Decking continuously stood as the #1 certified pool deck contractor since 2001. We are partners with Trex Decking, one of the leading deck manufacturers, and hold the esteemed title of TrexPRO® Platinum Decking Contractors. With 35 years of stellar service across Chicagoland, our team specializes in designing, installing, and replacing top-of-the-line decks in IL. Our partnership with Trex Decking Company not only underscores our dedication to quality but also ensures that our clients receive the highest caliber of materials and expertise available. As recipients of numerous awards, including the Customer Service Award and The Stellar Service Award, we have been recognized as one of the top 25% of Trex deck builders, consistently earning an average rating of at least 4.5/5 stars, year after year.

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35 Years of Service Aurora, IL

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Warner’s Decking Pool Deck Services in Aurora, IL

Pool Deck Installation
Pool Deck Installation
Warner's Decking strictly follows industry-standard building codes and regulations, ensuring structural integrity, safety features, and adequate drainage for your pool deck's safety. We employ advanced tools like laser levels and transit levels to precisely measure and set the correct elevation and slope. This 100% guarantees a perfectly level deck surface and effective water drainage away from the pool area, mitigating the risk of water accumulation and potential damage.
Pool Deck Replacement
Pool Deck Replacement
Warner's Decking conducts a thorough inspection of the current pool deck, assessing structural integrity, surface condition, and signs of deterioration like cracks, rot, or warping. Using pry bars and demolition hammers, our team carefully removes the existing materials with minimal disruption to surrounding areas. After clearing the deck, we grade the area, compact the soil, and establish a solid foundation to support the new pool deck.

Warner's Decking Aurora, IL

Our Fast-Action Installation Process

Initial Consultation
Within 48 hours after filling out our online form, we promptly reach out to schedule the consultation at a time convenient for you. Our team gathers essential information about your property such as deck dimensions and layout, design preferences, existing landscaping and access points that may impact the deck installation process.
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Design and Planning
Our team of deck installers utilize advanced 3D rendering technology to provide a realistic visualization of the proposed design. This technology enables us to make adjustments and modifications to the design, ensuring that every aspect meets your needs and lifestyle requirements. We will discuss your desired project timeline based on seasonal considerations and any upcoming events or gatherings.
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Material Selection
After the project approval, we present you with a diverse range of premium decking materials, including Trex composite decking. Some of the types of deck materials we have are Trex Transcend Lineage, Trex Transcend, Trex Select, and Trex Enhance. Each of these materials undergoes a rigorous selection process to align with your desired aesthetic, budget and maintenance preferences.
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Site Preparation
We start excavating the area below the frost line to prevent frost heave and compact the soil to ensure a firm and level surface. Depending on the site's soil composition and drainage requirements, we may also install a layer of gravel or crushed stone to promote proper water drainage away from the deck structure. After this, our team laid down concrete footings or piers to support the weight of the deck and distribute it evenly.
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Expert Installation
Our craftsmen utilize a variety of specialized tools and equipment to ensure precision and efficiency throughout the process. Tools such as power drills, saws, and pneumatic nail guns are used to cut and fasten decking materials with accuracy and speed. Laser levels and transit levels are employed to ensure proper alignment and elevation, guaranteeing a level surface and uniform appearance. Moreover, we utilize specialized deck building tools such as joist hangers, deck screws, and hidden fastening systems to securely attach the deck components and ensure structural integrity.
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Finishing Touches
It’s time to add the final touches. This includes installing high-quality railings to provide security and define the deck's perimeter, as well as constructing stairs for easy access to and from your outdoor space. We also incorporate accessories such as lighting fixtures, built-in seating, and decorative elements to personalize your deck and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Advantages of Trex Decking for Pool Surrounds

Trex decking is a premium composite decking material crafted from a blend of recycled wood fibers and plastic. As partners with Trex, Warner's Decking recognizes the numerous benefits that Trex decking brings to pool surrounds. Here are its top 3 benefits for pool areas: Resistance to Moisture: Trex decking's resistance to moisture stems from its composite composition, which combines recycled wood fibers and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This unique blend creates a non-porous surface that repels water, preventing moisture from penetrating the decking material. Thus, makes Trex decking around pool impermeable to warping, cracking, or splintering even in environments with constant exposure to water like poolside. Low Maintenance: Periodic cleaning with soap and water is all that's required to keep Trex decking looking its best. Trex decking only needs to be cleaned semi-annually or as needed, depending on the level of exposure to dirt, debris, and environmental factors. This minimal maintenance requirement makes Trex decking a convenient and hassle-free choice for homeowners seeking to spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying their pool. Fade and Stain Resistance: Trex deck comes with an advanced composite composition which includes a protective polymer shell. This shell acts as a barrier, shielding the decking material from UV rays and preventing color fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. In addition, the non-porous surface of Trex decking resists stains from common pool chemicals such as food spills and other substances that can damage its color and appearance.

Our Recommended Trex Composite Decking Materials

At Warner’s decking, we highly recommend considering Trex composite decking for its exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance requirements. Among the Trex product lines, we offer a selection of options to suit various preferences and budgets. Here are the trex decking materials that we offer: Trex Transcend Lineage: Trex Transcend Lineage is a premium choice, known for its stunning resemblance to natural wood. It comes with rich, multi-tonal colors and streaking that mimic the characteristics of tropical hardwoods. It's ideal for homeowners seeking a luxurious and exotic aesthetic, making it perfect for modern or contemporary pool designs. Homeowners can expect to invest in this luxurious option, with prices typically ranging from $9 to $12 per square foot Trex Transcend: Trex Transcend decking offers a high-definition wood grain pattern and rich, saturated colors that closely resemble the appearance of natural wood. With its classic and versatile look, Trex Transcend is best suited for pool designs that aim to lean toward traditional, transitional, or contemporary styles. Prices typically range from $7 to $9 per square foot, making it an affordable yet quality choice for pool deck designs. Trex Select: Trex Select features a simplified wood grain pattern and a variety of classic colors. Homeowners can expect prices to range from $5 to $7 per square foot. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their pool area without overspending. Trex Enhance: With its scalloped bottom and wood grain pattern, Enhance provides a natural wood look without the high cost. It costs an average of $4 to $6 per square foot. This is perfect for homeowners seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Why Decks Reign Supreme for Pool Surrounds?

Homeowners often face various challenges when it comes to their pool surrounds, ranging from maintenance issues to safety concerns. Traditional concrete or tiled pool surrounds can become slippery when wet, posing a risk of slips and falls for both swimmers and guests. In addition, these surfaces may crack or develop uneven areas over time, requiring costly repairs and detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the pool area. Choosing a deck for pool surrounds, on the other hand, offers practical solutions to these common homeowner problems. Decking materials such as Trex composite decking provide a non-slip surface that enhances safety, even when wet, reducing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, decks are highly customizable in classic tones like gray, brown, and tan, as well as more modern options such as slate, charcoal, and driftwood. With regular care, including cleaning and periodic inspections, decks can last upwards of 25 to 30 years. Book a consultation with one of our pool deck experts today to get you accurate measurements and a detailed cost breakdown.

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Warner’s Decking Textured Pool Deck Options

The area around a pool is prone to becoming wet, which can create slippery conditions and increase the risk of accidents. Textured deck materials offer enhanced grip underfoot, providing traction even when wet. This reduces the likelihood of slips and falls, making pool areas safer for swimmers and guests. Wood Grain Texture: Wood grain texture features intricate patterns that mimic the grain and texture of real wood. Its authentic appearance makes it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking the charm of traditional wood decking without maintenance concerns. In addition, the wood grain texture adds traction to the deck surface which enhances safety and reduces the risk of slips and falls, making it ideal for pool surrounds. Embossed Texture: Embossed texture adds depth and dimension by using raised patterns or designs that are pressed into the decking material during manufacturing. Its tactile quality makes it particularly suitable for pool surrounds as it provides added traction underfoot, reducing the risk of slipping on wet surfaces. Brushed Texture: Brushed texture offers a subtle and sophisticated look to pool surrounds, featuring a lightly textured surface with soft, brushed lines or grooves. This texture is achieved by brushing the decking material with a wire brush, creating a smooth yet slightly roughened surface that adds visual interest and dimension. The brushed texture also masks minor imperfections and scratches, maintaining the deck's appearance over time, even in high-traffic areas like pool decks. Ready to visualize these textured decks around above ground pools? Request a quote today to get a free deck design from us at Warner’s Decking. You can also visit our portfolio to check out how these textured decks worked with our successful pool deck construction projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for a deck by pool?

A minimum width of 6 to 8 feet is suggested to accommodate chairs and tables comfortably. While the length can vary based on the size of the pool and desired seating arrangements. However, the best size for a deck by a pool largely depends on the available space, intended usage, and personal preferences.

How deep should a pool deck be?

The depth of a pool deck typically ranges from around 4 to 6 inches above the waterline of the pool. Having the deck surface level with or slightly above the pool coping helps to prevent