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Warner's Decking offers comprehensive deck-building services in the Glenview area. From design to construction, we specialize in creating custom decks tailored to your preferences and needs. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the entire process. Contact us today to discuss your deck project and receive a free quote. Ever dreamed of an outdoor retreat, a personal oasis where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Imagine your backyard transforming into a cozy entertainment space, perfect for family gatherings or solitary afternoons. These daydreams can become a reality with our customary deck-building services in Glenview!
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Certified TrexPro®Deck Installers

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Over 35 Years of Excellence

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Industry Leading Warranties

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Glenview Deck Builders

Premier Deck Builders

Glenview, IL, fosters a robust business community that cherishes well-crafted outdoor living areas and appealing deck designs. When seeking the finest deck builders in Glenview, selecting a team that showcases professional competence and comprehends the local populace's distinct requirements and tastes is crucial. This is where Warner's Decking, Inc. emerges as a standout choice. As among Glenview's premier deck builders, Warner's Decking, Inc. brings an extensive track record and a dedication to delivering superior craftsmanship. Having been an active part of the Glenview community since 1988, we've catered to its residents. Our professional approach to deck construction and design values integrity, kindness, thoughtfulness, and a customer-centric approach, ensuring that each project seamlessly integrates into a business or home's outdoor area. At Warner’s Decking, we firmly believe that a deck represents more than just a physical structure; it embodies a haven for relaxation, an enhancement to your property, and a space where cherished memories unfold. This philosophy underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence across all facets of our work. Whether a basic installation or an intricate custom design, our team approaches every endeavor with meticulous care and attention to detail. Selecting a top-notch deck builder in Glenview entails considering multiple factors. These encompass the builder's qualifications, expertise, design capabilities, customer testimonials, and a comprehensive portfolio of previous ventures. It's also prudent to request a detailed cost estimate to gain clarity on potential project expenses. Choosing the right deck building company goes beyond finding someone capable of constructing a deck. It's about finding a collaborator capable of materializing your vision that aligns with your lifestyle and fulfills your distinct preferences. Warner's Decking, Inc. is steadfastly committed to being that

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Premier Deck Builders
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Glenview Deck Builders 35 Years

Our Deck Building Services

TrexPro®Platinum Deck Builders of Glenview, IL

New Deck
New Deck
Specializing in constructing brand-new decks. Our deck-building contractors work closely with clients to craft custom-designed decks that seamlessly integrate with the property's aesthetics and practical requirements. We emphasize personalized approaches that harmonize with homeowners' lifestyles.
Trex Deck
Trex Deck
As a TrexPro Platinum Contractor, our team of deck installation professionals provides expertise in installing Trex, a top-tier composite decking material. Trex decks are celebrated for their durability, low maintenance, and resemblance to natural wood, ensuring long-lasting and visually appealing outdoor spaces.
Beyond decks and as a reputable deck company in Glenview, our services extend to porch construction, creating front or back porch designs that enhance the home's architectural appeal and offer functional entryways to outdoor living spaces.
Pool Deck
Pool Deck
Our deck builders specialize in poolside enhancements. We design and construct pool decks that seamlessly integrate with the pool area, ensuring safety, style, and a comfortable space for relaxation and leisure.
As a top-rated deck builder in Glenview, IL, we also offer custom-built pergolas. We add sophisticated outdoor structures like pergolas that provide shade and architectural interest, enhancing the beauty of yard or garden spaces.
Screened Porch
Screened Porch
With expertise in creating screened porches, our experienced experts in the deck installation field provide comfortable and insect-free outdoor living spaces, combining the benefits of porches with added protection and comfort.

Glenview Deck Builders

Warner's Decking The Top Deck Building Company

Affordable Deck Options
The company offers an extensive range of cost-effective deck solutions. This diversity ensures clients can access high-quality designs that align with various budgetary constraints, enabling them to find the perfect deck within their financial means.
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Professional Deck Design
Backed by a team of seasoned experts, our professional deck installation contractors excel in delivering top-notch deck designs. These designs suit individual preferences while balancing structural durability and visual appeal, ensuring a well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing outcome.
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50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty
As a highly recommended deck-building company in Glenview, IL, our deck builders showcase our commitment to superior quality and long-lasting results by providing an exceptional 50-year warranty against fading and staining. This warranty reinforces their promise to deliver enduring quality with beauty decks that withstand the test of time.
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Customized Deck Builds
Recognizing the significance of personalized spaces, our expert installation team specializes in crafting custom deck structures. We address each client's unique needs and specifications, resulting in bespoke designs catering to individual desires and requirements.
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100% Customer Satisfaction
The company places attention on client contentment. We ensure to give value to customer satisfaction by offering attentive service, transparent communication, and reliable project management. We strive to ensure every client's needs are met and surpassed, exceeding expectations at every turn
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Trex Multi-Year Award Winner
As a top-rated deck contractor in Glenview, IL, we have been acknowledged for our exceptional quality construction and unwavering dedication to our deck projects. Warner's Decking has consistently received recognition as a Trex Multi-Year Award recipient. This recognition underscores our steadfast commitment to excellence and unparalleled craftsmanship in deck construction, setting them apart as industry leaders in this domain.

Decking Accessories For Your Outdoor Deck

To further elevate your outdoor living space, Warner's Decking team offers various supplementary features that can be seamlessly integrated into your deck design in La Grange, IL. These enhancements not only enhance the visual allure of your deck but also augment its usability and coziness. Illumination: Lighting is pivotal in transforming your deck into an inviting space, extending its allure well into the evening hours. Thoughtfully positioned LED lights, whether embedded within the decking, along the railing, or stair risers, can establish a warm ambiance and ensure safety by illuminating pathways and edges. Lighting choices vary from subtle and discreet to vibrant and striking, allowing for customization according to your preferences. Built-in Seating: Embracing built-in seating like benches and banquettes provides ample space without monopolizing the deck area. These seating arrangements can complement the deck's aesthetics while providing concealed storage options. To enhance comfort, consider weather-resistant plush cushions and throw pillows. Privacy Features: Privacy screens and planters are functional and visually appealing add-ons for your deck. Screens offer seclusion and shelter from the wind, while planters brimming with foliage add a natural touch, crafting a tranquil and inviting outdoor ambiance. Fire Features: For year-round outdoor enthusiasts, the addition of a fire pit or fireplace offers warmth during cooler evenings and acts as a focal point for social gatherings. These features provide comfort and create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends. With these supplementary features, the team of general contractors at Warner's Decking can transform your La Grange, IL deck into more than just a relaxation spot, evolving it into a versatile hub for entertainment, dining, and overall enjoyment in embracing your backyard's comfort.

Value of a Highly Trained Construction Team

The value of a highly trained construction team regarding deck building projects in Glenview cannot be overstated. Warner's Decking brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that contributes to completing your dream outdoor space. Our specialized training equips us with the skills necessary to tackle various challenges that may arise during the construction or installation process. Our well-trained construction team ensures that each aspect of your deck is executed with precision and craftsmanship. Whether it involves intricate designs, custom features, or complex installations, our expertise guarantees that your vision is brought to life with unparalleled quality at an affordable cost. Just as a skilled orchestra conductor directs each musician to produce a harmonious symphony, our highly trained deck construction team orchestrates every step of your deck-building project with skillful coordination and attention to detail. By working with our highly trained deck professionals, you can rest assured that your deck will be aesthetically pleasing and built to withstand the test of time. Our expertise in utilizing the latest industry techniques and materials ensures the durability and longevity of your outdoor space, providing you with years of enjoyment.

Understanding Deck Building Pricing

Several factors can influence your project's overall cost regarding deck building pricing in Glenview. It is important to clearly understand these factors to make informed decisions and ensure that your project stays within your budget. One of the primary factors that affect deck building pricing is the size and complexity of the project. Larger decks or those with intricate designs will generally require more materials and labor, resulting in a higher cost. The features and accessories you choose for your deck, such as built-in seating, lighting, or pergolas, can also impact the final price. Another important consideration is the choice of materials. The type of decking material you select will affect both the initial cost and long-term maintenance requirements. Traditional wood decking may be more affordable initially but requires regular staining, sealing, and repair. On the other hand, composite or PVC decking tends to have a higher upfront cost but offers greater durability and minimal maintenance needs. It's also essential to factor in any site-specific challenges or requirements for your deck construction. Suppose your property has uneven terrain and soil conditions that require additional support or existing structures that need modification to accommodate the new deck. In that case, this can result in extra costs. In addition to these considerations, working with a reputable deck-building company that provides transparent pricing estimates is crucial. Warner's Decking will thoroughly assess your project requirements, provide detailed free quotes outlining material costs and labor charges that best fit your budget, and discuss any potential additional expenses upfront. Like planning any home improvement project, understanding deck-building pricing is akin to putting together a puzzle. Each piece contributes to the overall picture, and you need to consider various factors to see the complete scope of the project. By considering these factors and working closely with a trusted deck-building company in Glenview, you can ensure your deck-building project is visually appealing and fits comfortably within your budget.

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Warner's Decking: Your Premier Choice for Deck Construction and Innovation

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor oasis, Warner's Decking stands as your trusted partner. With years of expertise and a dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship, we craft more than just decks; we create personalized sanctuaries that harmonize with your lifestyle. Our commitment extends beyond mere construction; it's about understanding your vision, needs, and aspirations for your outdoor space. We offer various deck solutions tailored to suit your preferences and budget. Why choose us? At Warner's Decking, our pride lies in the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure an impeccable experience from the initial consultation to project completion. Our team of seasoned professionals brings expertise and passion to every design, ensuring your dreams become reality. Whether you envision a classic wooden deck or desire the contemporary allure of composite materials, our diverse offerings cater to every taste. Furthermore, we specialize in incorporating innovative features like lighting, outdoor kitchens, built-in seating, and more, elevating your deck into a multifunctional and captivating space. Experience the difference with Warner's Decking, where dedication, creativity, and excellence converge. Let us transform your outdoor living into an inspiring haven. Contact us today to begin your journey to an exceptional deck experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take for a deck-building company in Glenview to complete a project?

The expense of engaging a deck-building company in Glenview is subject to variations influenced by several factors. Typically, the average cost varies based on the deck's size, the materials selected for construction, and the project's complexity. Recent statistics suggest that customers might anticipate spending approximately $10,000 to $30,000 for an average-sized deck installation in the Glenview area. However, this estimate can fluctuate considering elements such as obtaining permits, preparing the site, opting for customization features, and integrating additional elements like lighting or seating. To make an informed decision and ensure a fair deal, obtaining quotes from multiple companies is recommended, enabling a comprehensive comparison of prices and services offered.

What kind of maintenance is required for a deck in Glenview climate?

Maintaining a deck in the Glenview, IL climate and surrounding regions involves different tasks based on the material used. Wood decks demand regular staining and sealing to shield against weather-induced damage, such as rot or warping. This protective measure extends their lifespan and safeguards their aesthetic appeal. Conversely, composite decks necessitate less maintenance, usually requiring periodic cleaning to uphold their appearance. Consistent maintenance practices are crucial for preserving decks in Glenview and neighboring areas like Kildeer, ensuring longevity and optimal conditions despite the varying climate conditions.

What is the average cost of hiring a deck-building company in Glenview?

The expense of engaging a deck-building company in Glenview is subject to variations influenced by several factors. Typically, the average cost varies based on the deck's size, the materials selected for construction, and the project's complexity. Recent statistics suggest that customers might anticipate spending approximately $10,000 to $30,000 for an average-sized deck installation in the Glenview area. However, this estimate can fluctuate considering elements such as obtaining permits, preparing the site, opting for customization features, and integrating additional elements like lighting or seating. To make an informed decision and ensure a fair deal, obtaining quotes from multiple companies is recommended, enabling a comprehensive comparison of prices and services offered.

Are there any customer reviews or testimonials available for the deck building companies in Glenview?

At Warner's Decking, we have expanded on customer reviews and testimonials for deck building companies in Glenview. Abundant feedback highlights the experiences of clients who have engaged in our services. Numerous customers have voiced their satisfaction with the quality of workmanship our company has to offer. Many have lauded our professionalism, emphasizing our attention to detail, precise communication, and punctuality in completing projects. Additionally, several testimonials have specifically highlighted the meticulousness of our deck builders in ensuring that the decks not only met but exceeded homeowners' expectations. Such positive reviews showcase the reliability and skillfulness of our deck building in Glenview, reinforcing our reputation for delivering excellent services.


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Outstanding Service
Opting for Glenview's expert contractors for your custom deck project means you benefit from more than just their technical expertise. You gain access to their imaginative designs, adept problem-solving skills, and scrupulous attention to detail. We prioritize customer satisfaction and clear communication throughout the process. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations, creating a deck that will enhance your outdoor living space for years to come.
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Permits and Regulation

Our seasoned deck construction team in Glenview has a thorough understanding of these regulations and seamlessly adheres to them to realize your vision in a manner that is both structurally secure and visually striking. Under our expert guidance, you can rest assured that your deck will not only comply with all necessary codes but also become a cherished enhancement to your home for years to come.
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Transparency in Costing

Understanding the cost and time involved is crucial for deck construction projects in Glenview, IL. The price varies based on factors like deck size, materials used, design intricacies, and unique custom features. Typically, a composite Trex deck might cost homeowners between $15,000 and $30,000. However, this is a general estimate, and for a precise, tailored quote, it’s recommended to seek advice from experts such as Warner's Decking, Inc. They can offer an evaluation that's specifically suited to the needs of your particular project.
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Project Timeline

Each project's timeline may vary, affected by its scale and potential unexpected construction hurdles. Our local deck building team at Warner's Decking, Inc., aims for swift and efficient completion of each project. We engage closely with you to establish a clear and anticipated project timeline and schedule, leveraging our experience to provide accurate and realistic planning.
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Warner's Decking - Glenview's Original Deck Builder

Warner's Decking & Remodeling is a Naperville, Plainfield, & Chicagoland based outdoor living company. Specializing in deck building since 1988, Warner's Decking is a certified Trex PlatinumPRO Contractor since 2001. Transforming homes in many areas. 


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