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To request an estimate call 630-420-1940 or fill in the form below.

Here is a little about our bidding process:

If your looking for an approximate or ballpark cost, please call the office. We will need the size, height of deck and type of materials your looking at. We can guide you through different decking options and their price differences.

Our office can schedule an appointment  to come out and visit your home. Saturday and evening bid times are available, however these times fill up fast so please try to allow 1-2 weeks to schedule a bid. Bid times during regular working hours are much easier to schedule.

When at your home, we will be asking you for your thoughts and ideas regarding your new deck project. We will be measuring your house and the proposed area for the deck. We will give you our input as to what will work the best for your home and yard areas. While at your home, we will give you a “ballpark” price or range of pricing for your deck project. If this price range is acceptable for you, we will provide a custom deck design line drawing (proposed plan) of the new deck to you usually within 1 week. A written Proposal will also be provided with detail, specifications and pricing.

If you are able to commit to Warner’s Decking, Inc, we will then fine tune your deck design(if needed) as many times as needed to conform to your budget and size.