Although we offer many types of substrates for decking material, Trex remains the number one choice among our customers. With Trex being an eco friendly, composite decking material, it is an innovative blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic film. Trex remains one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the US and saves 400 million pounds of plastic film and wood from landfills each year.

Trex also offers a recycling program with additional incentives of being eligible for high-performance, low-maintenance awards and prizes. Find details here, and help contribute to a much healthier, GREEN environment…

Why should I use Trex Elevations?


As a homeowner, committing to a deck project will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever face. On average, it takes approximately 18 months for the homeowner to complete a decking project, from start to finish. This includes gathering information, picking the perfect contractor, designing, choosing the many substrates and options available, and of course, the building aspect of your deck. These days, you also have options regarding the structure of your deck. Sure, no one will see “what lies beneath” your deck. However, while your deck is a huge investment and decision, how it is built/framed will determine how long it will last. The substructure will always remain the most important part of your deck. Let me introduce to you, “Trex Elevations”. This is a steel framing system that will ultimately help your deck last much longer and also remain straighter than if it were framed with wood. It’s made of triple-coated steel beams, joists and tracks that will create the strongest, straightest and greenest structure underneath. It is backed by a 25 year limited residential warranty by Trex. It will withstand the test of time, without shifting, splitting, warping, rotting or rusting. After all, with being faced with making such a huge investment, isn’t this how you would like your deck to be built?

Why Do We Charge $50 For Consultation and Design Fee?

In the past years, we have always offered “Free Estimates” to the homeowner. Why the sudden change? Deck designs these days are much more intricate and customized than ever before. More decking choices, including many different composites and materials. Choices for colors, railings, lighting, custom designs, etc., all taking much more time in the estimating area than in the past.

When the homeowner calls, we are very happy to provide a “ballpark” estimate over the phone. This provides an idea ahead of time if the cost of their project is something they are comfortable with, and would like to proceed further with their project. When we send a salesman to their home to discuss their project, they will answer any and all questions that the homeowner may have. They will also design a deck to fit the customer’s needs.

Our sales team is knowledgeable and experienced, providing the homeowner a wealth of information regarding their deck and upcoming project. We understand, this is a big step for the homeowner and our sales team takes their time at each estimate. We want the homeowner completely comfortable with all the upcoming decisions they will be making for their exciting new project ahead! We feel this will also draw in the very serious customers and not one’s who are only “shopping prices”. It will enable us to spend more time with the serious customer’s, who are about to make some huge decisions. After the homeowner decides to proceed forward with their project, the $50 will be put towards the cost of their project. We do not feel this is an outrageous, out of line fee.  After all, what’s the cost of dinner and a movie these days?!

Proud of our Team! Voted “Most Creative Design” 2014 by Trex Company!



We are proud to announce our most recent award, recognized by Trex Company…”2014, Most Creative Design: 500-1,000 sq ft.”  We at Warner’s Decking, are very proud to work with top quality material and offer quality workmanship to completely satisfy all our customer’s needs.  We are not truly satisfied until our clients are!


Looking out at your dreary snow covered backyard makes you dream of the great possibilities that can be……

The holidays are over, and the winter feels like it has been going on for years instead of months.  January is half way over, and people are getting itchy to get outside. If extra free time has you imagining a new composite deck, check out some of our past projects for ideas. If you see something you like, give us a call for a quote to get you started.

glass panels

  We want you to enjoy your view!

What’s with the delays??


Summer is a great time of warm weather, sunny days and ….. construction.


Our area has a small time frame of warm outdoor weather. Most people try to enjoy every last minute of it!

Pools, decks & patios get much love in this brief time in the surrounding neighborhoods.

This is also the time that people get going on their outdoor projects, from gardens to decks.

Decking contractors and other carpenters get booked up fast. This year in particular, really put a wrench in a lot of projects because the weather was so wet and cold for so long. The late start pushed projects that should have been started in early spring into the start of summer.

There are a few reasons that outdoor project in this area suffer delays and late starts.

Two that are HUGE in the decking industry are weather and customer changes.

Weather is a major factor. Just because it didn’t rain at your house, doesn’t mean that it isn’t raining at other job sites. Crews can’t work in the rain, although the material can get wet, power tools cannot be used in rain. Late starts are used, but these setbacks still push all projects back.

Customer changes affect timelines also. Sometimes, people change their minds about details or want to add options. We try to work closely with them and offer them all their options upfront, but sometimes seeing the deck coming together helps them see which options they may really want. This is a big investment for a homeowner, and we want them to be happy with the end result.

There are other reasons for delays like inspection back-ups, material delivery delays and subcontractor coordination, also. The construction season is a huge time for city and village inspectors, too. Their schedules fill up quick and 24 hour notices for inspections turn into 72 hour notices. Delivery of custom materials and availability of subcontractors (like plumbers or electricians), is dependent on their own separate factors. We cannot schedule your pergola install in two weeks if your canopy takes 6-8 to be delivered, or if the electrician cannot move your electric box from that area for another 5 weeks.

We try our best to keep on schedule. We do not “slide” people in for an extra buck. Every project, big and small, is important to us. It is about quality for us, not quantity. Unfortunately, quality takes time.

We understand that you want your project done ASAP, but we want your project done right.

“Our Quality Will Exceed Your Expectations!”

Rails, Rails, Rails!

3 trex-transcend-decking-lava-rock-railing-classic-white-glass-panel-pergola                4 trex-transcend-railing-black                5 trex-select-decking-railing-closeup                2 trex-reveal-railing-charcoal-black-transcend-vintage-lantern-posts-fascia-curved-stairs (1)

Rails come in a variety of colors, materials and styles.

From low maintenance composites to wood, your deck can be personalized to match your style.

You can even mix composite rails with wood decks, or vice versa!

Cedar or wolmanized decks can have low maintenance rails installed to allow for a long time of splinter free enjoyment.

If you want to cut costs down, cedar or wolmanized rails can be installed onto composite decks, also. They would still have to be properly maintained, just like wood decking, but it would cut down  the price of the deck.

1 trex-transcend-decking-spiced-rum-vintage-lantern-railing-classic-white-posts-pool 6 rails

8 rails square bronze alum balusters

Why get a permit?


There are times that potential customers call and are turned off at the idea of getting a permit for their decking project. They do not see a point.  You should see red flags when a contractor says they rather not get one. Your first instinct should be…WHY??

Is he not insured, bonded or registered with the village?  Has he had issues with the village? Is he not insured or bonded as a contractor? Does he not know the current building codes and regulations?

Building a deck or any outdoor structure is a big long term investment for your property. The summers in our area are short and being able to enjoy your backyard is a premium benefit. Do not risk that with shoddy construction.

Sure, you might not get “caught”, but what if you do? Than who will cover the fines and permit fees?

What if the contractor is not insured and gets hurt on your property? Or inferior work damages your home and property?

Of course, getting a permit will not prevent accidents, but it will provide another eye looking over the project. Most cities require contractors to be registered within that city and that requires proof of current insurance and sometimes a bond. The permit process lets building inspectors to look over the plans to make sure that your project is built safely using up to date codes. The inspections required make sure the contractor is building your structure correctly. This gives you piece of mind, especially after hearing about people getting hurt on failing structures in our area the last few years.

A well built quality deck, porch and gazebo allows you to enjoy the outdoors for a long time. A permit may not prevent all issues, but it can protect you legally and it starts your project off on the right foot!

How do I clean my Trex deck?

Trex offers a great warranty on its Transcends line. There are a few things that are not covered or void the warranty.

     Proper care and cleaning will keep your deck beautiful and the warranty intact.

  •  Every so often, wipe down the deck and rails with soapy water. This will keep mildew from growing on the dirt and will keep the dirt from covering the beautiful color.
  • If there are hard to clean spots, a little scrubbing with a soft bristle brush should do the job.
  •  For marks or color transfers, a Magic Eraser© can be used. Be sure to try on an inconspicuous spot first, just in case.
  • You can also use a pressure washer, at least 8″ away from the material, in a fan motion, set at no more than 1500 psi, to get out any embedded dirt.

NEVER use acetone, thinners, or solvents that contain hydrocarbons, esters or ketenes.

NEVER sand your Trex decking of railings. This would scratch off the protective coating and void your warranty.

NEVER use a metal shovel to remove snow or ice. You can use a plastic shovel or use deicing salt, but make sure to thoroughly rinse off the residue as soon as possible.

Be careful using shovels or weed whackers around posts and rails. They can chip or scratch the materials.

Common sense plays a big part in the maintenance and upkeep of everything; that is the same in this case.

  • Wipe up spills right after they occur.
  • Do not leave rusty items on the deck. Make sure pillows and furniture left on the decking is colorfast.
  • Do not throw rocks or hard objects at the decking. Do not hit the decking and railings with anything.
  •  ETC, you get the picture…

These basic steps will keep your Trex deck beautiful and worry free.

                        outdoor pergola

Long Term Investment vs. Short Term Gain?


In this area, beautiful outdoor weather is short lived. Why spend this precious time staining and sealing your deck every year.

Composite materials are an added initial expenditure, but the money and time put into up-keeping a wood deck for the average 15 year lifespan will quickly catch up and over pass that expense.

A basic 15’x20′ deck in cedar would run you about $9,600. A composite in the same size about $15,600; that is a $6000 difference

A professional to clean and stain it yearly will be about $600.

That will run you about $9000 for the 15 years.

After those 15 years, the cedar deck will most likely need replacing, while the composite deck will still have 10 years left on it’s warranty*.

If you have the funds but are torn in which direction to go, composite is a great idea.

*Based on a Trex Residential Warranty