Why Do We Charge $50 For Consultation and Design Fee?

In the past years, we have always offered “Free Estimates” to the homeowner. Why the sudden change? Deck designs these days are much more intricate and customized than ever before. More decking choices, including many different composites and materials. Choices for colors, railings, lighting, custom designs, etc., all taking much more time in the estimating area than in the past.

When the homeowner calls, we are very happy to provide a “ballpark” estimate over the phone. This provides an idea ahead of time if the cost of their project is something they are comfortable with, and would like to proceed further with their project. When we send a salesman to their home to discuss their project, they will answer any and all questions that the homeowner may have. They will also design a deck to fit the customer’s needs.

Our sales team is knowledgeable and experienced, providing the homeowner a wealth of information regarding their deck and upcoming project. We understand, this is a big step for the homeowner and our sales team takes their time at each estimate. We want the homeowner completely comfortable with all the upcoming decisions they will be making for their exciting new project ahead! We feel this will also draw in the very serious customers and not one’s who are only “shopping prices”. It will enable us to spend more time with the serious customer’s, who are about to make some huge decisions. After the homeowner decides to proceed forward with their project, the $50 will be put towards the cost of their project. We do not feel this is an outrageous, out of line fee.  After all, what’s the cost of dinner and a movie these days?!