What’s with the delays??


Summer is a great time of warm weather, sunny days and ….. construction.


Our area has a small time frame of warm outdoor weather. Most people try to enjoy every last minute of it!

Pools, decks & patios get much love in this brief time in the surrounding neighborhoods.

This is also the time that people get going on their outdoor projects, from gardens to decks.

Decking contractors and other carpenters get booked up fast. This year in particular, really put a wrench in a lot of projects because the weather was so wet and cold for so long. The late start pushed projects that should have been started in early spring into the start of summer.

There are a few reasons that outdoor project in this area suffer delays and late starts.

Two that are HUGE in the decking industry are weather and customer changes.

Weather is a major factor. Just because it didn’t rain at your house, doesn’t mean that it isn’t raining at other job sites. Crews can’t work in the rain, although the material can get wet, power tools cannot be used in rain. Late starts are used, but these setbacks still push all projects back.

Customer changes affect timelines also. Sometimes, people change their minds about details or want to add options. We try to work closely with them and offer them all their options upfront, but sometimes seeing the deck coming together helps them see which options they may really want. This is a big investment for a homeowner, and we want them to be happy with the end result.

There are other reasons for delays like inspection back-ups, material delivery delays and subcontractor coordination, also. The construction season is a huge time for city and village inspectors, too. Their schedules fill up quick and 24 hour notices for inspections turn into 72 hour notices. Delivery of custom materials and availability of subcontractors (like plumbers or electricians), is dependent on their own separate factors. We cannot schedule your pergola install in two weeks if your canopy takes 6-8 to be delivered, or if the electrician cannot move your electric box from that area for another 5 weeks.

We try our best to keep on schedule. We do not “slide” people in for an extra buck. Every project, big and small, is important to us. It is about quality for us, not quantity. Unfortunately, quality takes time.

We understand that you want your project done ASAP, but we want your project done right.

“Our Quality Will Exceed Your Expectations!”