Why get a permit?


There are times that potential customers call and are turned off at the idea of getting a permit for their decking project. They do not see a point.  You should see red flags when a contractor says they rather not get one. Your first instinct should be…WHY??

Is he not insured, bonded or registered with the village?  Has he had issues with the village? Is he not insured or bonded as a contractor? Does he not know the current building codes and regulations?

Building a deck or any outdoor structure is a big long term investment for your property. The summers in our area are short and being able to enjoy your backyard is a premium benefit. Do not risk that with shoddy construction.

Sure, you might not get “caught”, but what if you do? Than who will cover the fines and permit fees?

What if the contractor is not insured and gets hurt on your property? Or inferior work damages your home and property?

Of course, getting a permit will not prevent accidents, but it will provide another eye looking over the project. Most cities require contractors to be registered within that city and that requires proof of current insurance and sometimes a bond. The permit process lets building inspectors to look over the plans to make sure that your project is built safely using up to date codes. The inspections required make sure the contractor is building your structure correctly. This gives you piece of mind, especially after hearing about people getting hurt on failing structures in our area the last few years.

A well built quality deck, porch and gazebo allows you to enjoy the outdoors for a long time. A permit may not prevent all issues, but it can protect you legally and it starts your project off on the right foot!