How do I clean my Trex deck?

Trex offers a great warranty on its Transcends line. There are a few things that are not covered or void the warranty.

     Proper care and cleaning will keep your deck beautiful and the warranty intact.

  •  Every so often, wipe down the deck and rails with soapy water. This will keep mildew from growing on the dirt and will keep the dirt from covering the beautiful color.
  • If there are hard to clean spots, a little scrubbing with a soft bristle brush should do the job.
  •  For marks or color transfers, a Magic Eraser© can be used. Be sure to try on an inconspicuous spot first, just in case.
  • You can also use a pressure washer, at least 8″ away from the material, in a fan motion, set at no more than 1500 psi, to get out any embedded dirt.

NEVER use acetone, thinners, or solvents that contain hydrocarbons, esters or ketenes.

NEVER sand your Trex decking of railings. This would scratch off the protective coating and void your warranty.

NEVER use a metal shovel to remove snow or ice. You can use a plastic shovel or use deicing salt, but make sure to thoroughly rinse off the residue as soon as possible.

Be careful using shovels or weed whackers around posts and rails. They can chip or scratch the materials.

Common sense plays a big part in the maintenance and upkeep of everything; that is the same in this case.

  • Wipe up spills right after they occur.
  • Do not leave rusty items on the deck. Make sure pillows and furniture left on the decking is colorfast.
  • Do not throw rocks or hard objects at the decking. Do not hit the decking and railings with anything.
  •  ETC, you get the picture…

These basic steps will keep your Trex deck beautiful and worry free.

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