Long Term Investment vs. Short Term Gain?


In this area, beautiful outdoor weather is short lived. Why spend this precious time staining and sealing your deck every year.

Composite materials are an added initial expenditure, but the money and time put into up-keeping a wood deck for the average 15 year lifespan will quickly catch up and over pass that expense.

A basic 15’x20′ deck in cedar would run you about $9,600. A composite in the same size about $15,600; that is a $6000 difference

A professional to clean and stain it yearly will be about $600.

That will run you about $9000 for the 15 years.

After those 15 years, the cedar deck will most likely need replacing, while the composite deck will still have 10 years left on it’s warranty*.

If you have the funds but are torn in which direction to go, composite is a great idea.

*Based on a Trex Residential Warranty